Driving Lessons Tampa

Driving lessons have proven to drastically decrease the chances of a serious accident or crash when the student driver practices and uses the information from their instructor.

Each student will receive specialized private training that will enhance their driving skills, speed perception and proper following distances which are just a few things that lead to a safe defensive driver. We teach each student that you cannot expect other drivers to always drive carefully and correctly as this will never happen but what we teach students is how to see the dangerous problems ahead of them and prevent the crash or accident before it ever happens.

We provide brand new cars for our lessons which are dual controlled for the driver and the instructor. Although this is very important we always start our first couple of lessons in a safe place like a church parking lot. This gives the student a safe place to practice and become familiar with the car, gas pedal, brakes and the steering wheel turning left and right and getting the feel for how much they need to adjust the wheel.

Driving School Tampa

Driving School Tampa offers professional one on one driving lessons behind the wheel in Tampa Florida. Our instructors our former Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) and bring hands on experience to our students.

If you need driving lessons please call  813-353-9178  or visit Driving School Tampa for more information.